Web Development and Photography, by Jeff Conklin

I bring years of knowledge and experience to any web or photography project that I place myself in.

My current 9-5 has offered daily challenges, and daily growth. I work for a large company in central NJ, where my main focus is front end web development. In addition to my day job, I am very active in both my careers. I truly enjoy taking a moment to frame that next perfect shot. Being able to bring home that special picture that brings a scene to life is always my goal. The same goes for my web sites. Every project I am involved in is completed within budget, on time and works across all current browsers. I also specialize in Search Engine Optimization, which maximizes the exposure of your products to search engines across the web.


  • Marketing/Stock/Product shots
  • Concert/Live/Band shots
  • Headshots
  • Corporate photography
  • Family/Holiday photos

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Web Development

  • Web Application Development
  • Design
  • Search Engine Optimization/Placement
  • Site redesigns/overhaul
  • Consultations

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You can contact me anytime at: jeffconk@gmail.com

To contact me about GetOutsideNJ.com, please email me here: jeff@getoutsidenj.com

Web Development

Many businesses do not think they need a site. They feel word of mouth is good enough, a sign with their phone number will do, or that their is no audience for their products. While others are nervous about the cost and where it may fit in to a small marketing budget. And yet others just don't know where to start. I would like to share with everyone a few points:

  • In 200X, everyone needs a web presence. You need to be found in a search engine and you need to provide a way for people to read up on your services at their convenience (at not curing your business hours only). Without a site backing your company, many people will never give your business a second (or even first) look.
  • The overall price of a website is as large as you want your site to be. We can start with one page, with one url, with a simple (but sharp) design, and grow as you want.
  • I know that many people do not know where to start. But it is not "that" complicated with some guidance from a professional. Someone that will set you up quickly and get you on your way.

How can I help? I have a lot to offer any company looking to create a web presence. Either by fixing their current site, creating their first site, or giving some guidance to allow them to handle their own web marketing. All at a reasonable price, to fit into any budget. Some services I have to offer:

  • Web Application Development -
  • Design -
  • SEO/Search Engine Placement -
  • Site redesigns -
  • Consultations -